The Trusted Advocate

We are widely recognized as a top white-collar firm and possess extensive experience representing clients in all phases of criminal investigations and proceedings including grand jury subpoenas and witness interviews, complaints and indictments, pretrial matters, trials and appeals.


The Firm is regularly engaged in antitrust matters pursued by the Antitrust Division of DOJ. We have recently represented clients in antirust inquiries focused on the automobile parts industry, the international shipping market, the advertising sector, the water chemicals industry, a state’s tax lien auctions, the major currencies foreign exchange market, the municipal securities guaranteed investment contractssector and other financial markets, as well as certain pharmaceuticals product markets.

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The Firm has represented individuals in high-profile investigations of environmental offenses, including executives in the DOJ Deepwater Horizon oil spill matter and DOJ’s investigation with other agencies in the automobile emissions matter.

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The Firm’s lawyers have been engaged by corporate and individual clients in FCPA investigations and proceedings involving allegations of suspect payments in nations within Africa, Asia, South Americaand Europe.

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Health Care Industry

The Firm’s lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical and health care matters. We have represented public and private companies, senior officers and employees, and physicians in numerous health care matters, including those concerning off-label promotion, speaker and other marketing programs, marketing materials, sharing results of clinical trials, FDA proceedings, product labelling, calculation of best price,in-house physician communications, accounting, and public company disclosure. One of our partners is an independent monitor for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world in connection with a settlement with the government that included post-settlement remedial requirements in a Corporate Integrity Agreement.

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We represent individuals and entities in connection with federal and state criminal and civil tax investigations and prosecutions. We have been engaged in matters ranging from inquiries concerning offshore accounts to income and sales tax claims and concerning alleged tax shelters.

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